Friday, June 17, 2011

Cute Miserable Puppy

Yesterday a puppy came to my house, a very cute puppy.  I saw her (is a her I think), she is so cute so I gave her some dog's food.
Who knows after that she doesn't want to leave the house already.  At first, I don't allow her to step into the house, just let her stay at the garden, but my dog (Dong Dong) kept barking at her!

I scolded Dong Dong for behave so childish, but I understand how he feels because suddenly got one strange dog came to the house, then he has to share everything with the dog!  Plus it still a puppy!  Puppies need more love than adults, they need more attention!

I got no idea what to do with the puppy, I left it at the road, but it came in after few minutes.
While waiting to my bro and sis to come back, I took some pictures with the puppy, and allow Dong Dong to play with her.

Dong Dong was behave well in front of me but when I wasn't around, he started to bark her!  No idea what they are talking about...
Maybe they are talking this way:

Dong Dong: stay away from my house!!!
Puppy: no!!! I want to stay here!!!!
Dong Dong: get lost you bastard!!! Don't steal all the love from my owner!!!!!!
Puppy: no!!! I'm still little baby, they will love me more, I didn't steal... They want to give love to me just because I'm cute!
Dong Dong: worf.. worf worf!!! Don't pretend that you are very pity.  Go back to where you belong!!!

Guess they didn't manage to finish their conversation, cause I always stop Dong Dong from barking at her.
So the little puppy walk around in the house while Dong Dong stay outside the house.  (Purposely separate them)
When I allowed it to come into the house, she pees!!!!
I put her in a box and put her in a corner while waiting for my brother and sister to come back to discuss what to do with the puppy.

After sister and brother came back, they want the puppy but we all are very sure that mummy will never allow us to keep her.  So I brought her to pet shop see whether they can keep it or not but too bad none of them want to keep her.
So we asked friends whether anyone of them would like to adopt her, but again, none of them want her.  Reasons are: "I don't want female puppy", "My mom doesn't allow", "my house got already..."
Poor little puppy...

At the end, we put it together with wild dogs, and hope they can take care of it.

My sister is sad about this because she couldn't find an owner for her.
But I guess we can still see her since she is with dogs out there.  We can visit her sometimes, and feed her some food.

Actually I know that this is my fault because I been treat her very good when she came to my house.  I fed her food!  She is only a little puppy, she will follow anyone, anyone who feed her and cares about her.  I'm sure that I make her feels that humans are mean and cruel.

When all things settled, make me realize one thing.
Don't treat anyone too good if you are not willing to be good with him/her in the future, because this will disappointed him/her.

p/s: Sometimes be mean is the best way for everyone of us.

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