Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beehives/hornet's nest

Did I mention that I have a beehives at my house?  I don't think that's the correct term, it should be hornet's nest!

I didn't know that my house got one until that day my neighbour told me that she was stung by a bee! (hornet I guess)  She told my that her house always full of hornets, flying around in the morning.  Weird thing is I can hardly see bees or hornets in my house!  I can only see like one or two in the garden!!!
She said maybe her tangki there got one nest, that's why she always saw lots of hornets flying in her toilet.  (Our toilet can connect to the tangki)

Since there are somebody who got stung, her husband called the Pertahanan Penyelamat Department to ask someone to settle with the hornets.

Guess what?  My neighbour's tangki there really got hornet's nests!!!  Got 2 somemore!  There are really big!

Guess what the worker was nice and explain what is bees (lebah) and what is hornets (tebuan).  I never know that they got the different!  Lebah got honey while tebuan got no honey.  That's the different, Lebah are not as fierce as tebuan and a ebuan can sting you more that one time.

He was like having a small outdoor lesson for us to understand more about the insects... @@

This is the second time my house become hornets' house, the first time was don't know how many years ago. That time was really full of hornets around!  Even Dong Dong played with them... >.<|||
All the auntie auntie sekalian and uncle uncle sekalian were there to see the 'show'!  I was so crowded outside my house... LoL

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