Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts & Feelings

Recently been lazy to type blog here.  I'm still having my holiday, jobless holiday but I spend most of my time to prepare meals for my family and some housework.  (I seem to be like a housewife when I got no job especially during holiday!)  Every day I have to prepare healthy and tasty lunch and dinner for them, breakfast I seldom prepare as I don't wake up early than them! (Bro and sis are going to school at 7am)

My daily routine is housework and Internet.  You might say this kind of lifestyle is kinda boring.  Well, I have to admit it as sometime I find boring, but if I have the mood to do housework, I am no longer boring.  Some of my friends hate to do housework, but I enjoy when I'm doing housework.  (when I have the mood to do so)  Nah, housework is not difficult to handle but it is not easy to complete.
Right, end of the topic of what I am doing for my holiday.  (I do jealous for those who able to work, cause they don't have to spend all of their time at home!  They can meet new friends!  I want to meet new friends also... >.<)

Recently me and another 2 'aunties' are chatting really like auntie.  We don't really make it as public when we chat, we make it as private.  We wanna earn our karma which increase so so so slow like snail...
We gossip about others, talk about our current situation and even talk about what happen to surrounding.  Really gossip like aunties who got nothing to do!

Suddenly we did mention about reality people are wearing mask.  It is true and I agree with it.  Everybody is wearing mask, no exception.  Don't think that you are innocent and you don't wear mask.  I bet you do!
Don't tell me that everybody beside you are fake or not sincere towards you.  Not everybody does sincere all the time.

Fuh!  I think not everybody thinks I'm right, because some of them might think why want to be friend with a person who wearing mask?
Well, I got no comment then.
Everybody does have own different opinion.

p/s: I wear mask too, I hide my feelings under my mask. =D

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