Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday was the day we know 2nd year 2nd semester result!
I went to check once I know that the results were out!  Okay, result I got not too bad, for me I am satisfied with the result.

Friends are excited with their good results and there are some of them who feel sad with the result.
I don't know their how's their results, from what I observe I saw their status mention that they want to cry or die...  Is that meant that the result sucks?

My result didn't get better than last semester but drop 0.03 points!  Ya, very funny... Last semester I have more subjects, but I can get better!!!
I was happy with my result, but when I get to know there are lots of them got 3.5 and above, I realize one thing.

I shouldn't be proud of my result.
I should think and ashamed with my result.  Should have get better than this.

Nothing I can do now but do well in the coming semester!
Gambateh guys~ =D

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