Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Look Down Upon You Dream!

Everybody dreams, so do I.  I know that having whole night dreams or no dream at all is very normal thing.  But if you able to remember what you dream of, go Google it!  Because there are meanings in there!

Maybe most of you think that this is ridiculous.  Well, I thought that too! Until everything proved!  I dream lots of things, but if I remember when I got up in the next morning, I will Google to find out what the dreams want to tell me.  I Google almost every dream of mine (if I remember what is in the dream).

I don't know since when the dream kept telling me that I will have sick or unhealthy (this is what I got after Google) and some of the dream told me that I got bad result in my studies, some told me that I got good result in my studies.
I know it seems like nonsense but let me finish it first.

Now I got my result.  I got 3 and above, I'm satisfied with it when I saw my result, I was happy!  (From the dream I got good result)  But when I realize that there are more who got 3.5 and above, I am sad with my result and I don't think I got a good result! (here show that I got bad result!)
Then now I got flu, seriously sick now!  Proven again from the dream!  I am unhealthy now and I'm sick now!!!

After all this happened, I don't think it is ridiculous, but there are something!
Maybe some of you still don't believe all this, but I do.
Well, if you believe there is, then there is.  And I choose to believe it.

p/s: I Google it written in Mandarin... I never try in English before, maybe you guys can try it!

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