Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nasi Lemak

In all sudden I told my mom that I wanna cook Nasi Lemak.  But when I told mama about this she doesn't look surprise and say okay.
I went to buy all the ingredient on Monday cause I wanna cook alone on Tuesday when they all went to school and work.
When I bought all the ingredient, (I thought I bought everything!) just realize that I forget about santan....  Santan is the most important ingredient to make the rice smell good and tasty.
After discussion, all of us decided not to use santan as santan is very unhealthy... @@

I spent the whole morning preparing sambal, go find pandan leaves, blend everything.
From 8.30am morning until 12.30pm, finally I got these:
Eggs, mama and bro asked for fried egg, so I purposely fried for them. =D
peanuts and ikan bilis!  Bro and sis like them most! =D
The only vege in the meal...
Sambal...  I made it myself...  I put chillies, garlics and onions...  Next time I should change chillies into dry chillies and less garlic.  The taste of the garlic is damn heavy.  However, mama and bro said this is delicious and damn healthy cause the sambal doesn't taste sweet like outside.

Well, gonna make improvement and make it better next time~

p/s: I think I should learn curry chicken, cause nasi lemak without curry chicken is really dull...


  1. hoahhh... not bad wor u can make all this! :D

  2. hahaha, thanks for compliment. =)