Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Know Is My Fault T__T

I was in bad mood, really bad mood just now.
In all sudden I decided not to go Sandakan.
Hmm... I got no specific reason la, just suddenly don't feel like going, plus I hope I can have more time to finish up my assignment and prepare for mid-term too.

So I told one of the organizer about it
I asked her when I saw her on the way to Library: "can I don't want to go Sandakan?  I mean I want to pull out myself from Sandakan which I will back from KK with seniors, can?"
She answered me: "okayh a... is okayh de... never mind..."

I thought the "okayh a, is okayh and never mind" is really do mean that, but I never think I will bring out problem and trouble to you all also.
With some coincidence, I realized that I bring those problem to them that they have already rent car for 8 persons, and now they have to find another car to fit 6 persons so won't be too costly.
I feel like I'm really useless...

Then I went to apologize to the person, that I been asked to.
She told me that: "is okay, nevermind..."
I did mention that if they can't find another car as replacement, then I will still join for the trip to Sandakan, because I don't want to bring any trouble to anybody especially the trip starts tomorrow!
I know people will sure angry with this kind of last minute quit although they keep saying: "never mind, is okay"
Because I'm human too, if I am the organizer, I will angry too...
But I hope they are also like me, can put out their anger very fast.

After all, every human has different understanding.
Maybe they really not angry at all.
(I really hope that)
This situation really make me emo...

p/s: I hope I think too much...

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