Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunch For Today

I had wonderful lunch today, a very wonderful one.
3 regular viva pizza, 2 large cheesy wedges, garlic bread, half homemade mushroom soup, homemade corn and homemade lemonade.
That was super duper full and I still can feel the smell of the pizza in my mouth.

Early in the morning I woke up although the weather is so nice to continue my sleep (ne... want to go toilet lo)
Realize that we are not sure who have book the car for us to take our pizza back to campus.
At the end, we called up Nicky to fetch her god sister, Syn Wei to go out.
Poor Syn Wei can only sleep for so few hours.

We asked Nicky to fetch her out at 11am.
But he told Syn Wei to wait awhile, but who knows when 11 something, then he said have to wait until 11.30am.  Poor Syn Wei wait till 11.30am something and she was still in the campus.

Guess what time they back to campus?
That was long, seriously long!
Eacy and I wait till neck also long liao, but can't blame them, because is not their fault!
Should say that it was bad day for them ba...
(then should I say I'm lucky?)

Suddenly make a decision that I'm not going to Sandakan already, which mean I will just go KK then Kundasang, then KK island ny...
Holiday still got no mood yet... maybe too stress le...

p/s: misses home again today, really jealous on those who can go back... and I'm super regret not to choose to back home.

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