Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (KK Day 3)

We had decided to have whole day rest in KK before we continue our exciting journey!
In the morning Ying Ying, me and Zi Hao woke up earlier than others, so we decided to take a cup of hot milo downstairs while waiting for others to wake up.
At the end, we took our breakfast without waiting them to wake up. =.=|||

and then walking around nearby~
Then we went to CP to have a walk. Window shopping actually...
Went to watch movie again at 1pm.
This time we watched Step Up 3!

The movie wasn't bad, just the environment was sucks!!!
My skin is allergic! the chair make me feel so itchi!!!
Can't watch in comfortable condition at all!!!
Before the movie, we became model again!

After the movie, Syn Wei and I went to have our tea break in Secret Recipe.

Then we continue our window shopping again.
Love window shopping cause can try up all the clothes that we want to!
We window shopping until around 6pm we went to KBox to have our dinner + sing K!

Not all of us went to sing K.
I was thinking: since I'm not going to club after the K session, so I will just join the K session ba~
Didn't sing much with the mic actually cause I know my singing is not good, so why not let those who love to sing to crab the mic among themselves?
Didn't really used the mic, until the last 2 songs, they forced to use it...
Surprise them to give such 'reaction' when I sang!

After the K session we back to our hostel and have a good night sleep... 3 of us went back while another 3 of them went club!

p/s: forget to show this in the previous post.
I got present on my head and the big ears guy help me to massage...
He helped everybody in the room to massage too!!! maybe you can ask for service from him too!!!


  1. Nice trip! seems like you all enjoy a lot :) Any beach photos? hehe

  2. hahax ask you sis to show you ba~
    will pass them to her soon.