Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ban Min + Walk Under Rain + Webcam

The day before yesterday found Andrew in Facebook and to ask whether want to have breakfast outside or not, well at the end we decided to have ban mian although I'm the only one who wished to eat! *happy*

Early in the morning, the weather was so nice, raining outside and the environment become so cold and it was so comfortable to continue my sleep, but because of BAN MIN, I sacrifice such a nice sleep and get up from my bed to clean up myself to go for breakfast!
(we been asked to go out at 7.30am)

Finally we reached the place, but Kok Phing sounded like he didn't want to eat BAN MIN, so he ate kon lou min...

Yee Zheong and Her Daughter...

Kok Phing, Andrew and Wei Song

Really got no idea why when everybody looking at the camera then Andrew didn't look at the camera but when others weren't looking at the camera then he will look at the camera..
maybe he wants to be special ba...
Kok Phing's kon lou min so fast... and when we started to eat de time, he ady finished his!

Here come my ban min
It has been long long time I didn't eat, really precious!
Argh... super hungry now to see those delicious ban min!

And very fast I had finished it because I don't want others to wait for me lo..
But who knows when Me and Wei Song finished ours, Syn Wei still hasn't finished hers!!!
This was so incredible that that was the first time she ate something that will slower than me!!!

Well, my day didn't just ended like that but I have nice dinner too!
When for jogging again, but I straight away went for dinner with Syn Wei and Yee Zheong after the jogging!!!! (oh, that's very fattening I know... T_T)
When we finished our dinner, it rains!
Never mind, I plan to walk under rain long time ago dy, and this will be the chance for me. =)
And the GOD is kind and love me too!  He made the rain heavier only when I reach hostel! (How sweet is that!)
This was how I look after walking under rain.

There is huge pimple on my forehead!!! (argh... too heaty ady!!!)
Oh ya, Syn Wei finally admited that I'm having huge body like GIANT!!!
(T_____T I also don't want de ma... that's my bone structure....)

After bath, then went to msn to see who is online.
Joe was there!  Ask him to webcam with me, wanted to see his face!!!
(miss him so much!!!)

He gave me funny look when webcam with me!

He suddenly went off and came back with something black black in his mouth!
He ate kuai leng gou and show those face to me to let me see what is that...  It was so funny when I capture down the picture! hahahax

He showed me his mushroom too!
It is soooo cute!!!
He had 2 but he gave away one to You-Know-Who XD
and then he kena BOOM so many times from me *proud*

Then I had MSN chat with both Joe and Yi-Tsiang...  Forgotten that they are brothers, sure will combine to bully me!!! aargh....
It was funny and happy~
Joe and I web cam for 3 hours plus!!!

My days ended after I ended the call with Joe...

p/s 1: Siva, wish you luck in your final! =))
p/s 2: So sad that both of them are not in Kuantan when my 21st birthday...

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