Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival 2010

This is the second year celebrating Mid Autumn in campus, without family.
I thought I will use to it, but no... I still miss home!

There is friend who asked me to join for their celebration, I didn't accept at first cause I got no mood to celebrate this festival...
But hometown friends asked me to play around and don't make myself celebrate this festival alone in the room!

I went!
It was full of SPKAL students there, guys were preparing food for girls.
That's nice!  Thanks guys. =)

Seriously, I just ate plenty of food but I got full very fast!!!
Not much food to choose anyway...
But it was just for fun right?

So sad daddy didn't manage to call me due to his meeting.
(maybe he forgotten too! he has serious short term memory!)

Thanks for those who invited me to the celebration anyway. =)
And thanks to those who left moon cake for me, it was touching and you guys make me able to eat moon cake during this festival this year! thanks alot!!!

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