Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (Kundasang Day 1)

After shopping in 1 Borneo the previous day, it was difficult for us to wake up early in the morning. (We asked the driver to pick us up at 7.30am)
We went to take our breakfast before we officially started our Kundasang vacation!
And this is what I took:

After the breakfast, we went to see the view of KK mountain!
It was awesome!  

Then we have a small walk nearby which they are selling some souvenir to tourist like us!
We did capture something from there too!

Then we went to eat fruit name: Tarap which we can't eat them in Peninsular!
It is only available in East Malaysia!!!

Tarap is really yummy...
I really love the taste since the first time I tried them when I was with rumah Angkat!

Next, strawberry farm!
We got the opportunity to listen 'lecture' from the boss of the farm.
We were unlucky because there are very few of strawberry that are still alive...  But we got to see roses...
They are beautiful and smell good!

After Strawberry farm, we went to visit a place with hot spring and canopy walk.  (I forgot where is the place ady)
We went canopy walk first then ny hot spring.  It was so unlucky of me, cause I got no chance to try out Hot Spring! You know, girls' problem...
Canopy walk wasn't too bad, just as what I told you, unlucky!  I got a grand big present from there! I terbang my head with those ranting-ranting! A huge present!!!

I'm really scare of the height! It was really high and I can felt my legs were shaking that time...
phew~ I'm glad I'm alive now.

Their enjoying time, while I can only capture picture at the side..

I can see that they were really enjoy it!!!

And then:
There are lots of cows there!!!  And guess what I called them?
I called them: 黑白牛 (black white cow)

we had fresh milk to drink too!!! 
The taste was awesome!!!
p/s: mummy, you got to try this!!! I bet you will like it, but you will complaint of the cold weather but han han will happy with it!

After the cow farm, the day was starting to become dark...
We went for our dinner before back to our resort.
Satisfy with our dinner, but I wasn't in a good condition, so I didn't have good appetite to take the dinner...
Overall it was not bad!

Then we back to our resort.
It was scary because the whole resort was empty!  Only 6 of us were there!!! *T__T*
I was really glad that there were guys with us!  Because they lead us into the room and on all the lights.
Guess what?
We saw rat!!!
Omg!!! It was really disgusting!  Rat!!!
Anyway, I slept well that night, cause I was in the middle of double bed which I felt safe!

Guess I will continue another part of the story after I have a good night sleep...
I'm really tired already..
Night all~

p/s: miss vacation!

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