Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Lunch, Her Brunch, Her Snack

Shiang (senior) told us (Syn Wei and I) that today will prepare lunch for us yesterday night.

This morning I feel to eat fast food so I went to find whether anyone going to town, then ny realize I am going to have homemade lunch and dinner so I cancel unhealthy food. =)

Syn Wei's gor asked her to go town along with her and left me alone in the room and that time was already 11am...  I was playing with my facebook and saw Shiang was onlining in facebook. (she told me that she can't even log in!) so I suppose that will be other person, I went to greet! (just to find out who is using her account!)  Mana tau is Ah Loong Ge... =.=
Guess what Shiang's boy friend told me?  He said:" can you have breakfast or lunch with Shiang? She said she got nothing to eat.  Can you give me your phone number so that I can call you just in case?" 
My reply was:" you go ask Shiang la..."  Then I grab my corn flakes down to Shiang's room (Ah Loong Ge said she got nothing to eat ma... )  Gave some flakes to Shiang.. Then she suggested to have lunch at her room!
But the lunch is not 四川菜 but sandwiches.  Dinner ny eat 四川菜~
I'm fine with it!

So I went back to my room and continue my statistic!
At around 1pm, Shiang came to my room and ask me to go makan!
Can't believe the sandwiches that she made is so healthy!!!!  Is full of nutrient!!!

argh... really love them so much!!!
this is Shiang's brunch as well~ 
She ate very few of cornflakes nia... and she made this as her brunch


veges: cucumber and tomatoes!

eggs with mayo + a little of lemon!

another vege: cabbage!

and toasted bread!!!
Oh my god!!! It was really delicious!!!
I never had sandwich with ham before!!!
This is my first time and I love to have that next time!

One ham cover everything already... (under ham I have cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and eggs!)

Have a close look, and you will see veges in there!

I had 2 pieces of bread!!! Argh... Will never forget how it tastes... *heart melt*
this time I change the arrangement of the veges and ham~ 
make ham the bottom~
It is still so delicious!!!

Don't feel jealous! 
Because I know you are having better than mine!
I'm satisfy with this already with my condition now.
When I finished 2, Syn Wei back from town.  Shiang asked her to eat some, and she did although her gor ady cooked bihun basah for her~  So she had half of the bread with other ingredient, as her snack before her proper lunch!
(fei sei ni a... hahahax)

p/s: looking forward for dinner!


  1. HOI... NO MANNERS... T_T

  2. told you not to jealous liao... hahahax not my fault too~ hahahax