Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Complete Dinner

During Raya, there is no food in my campus.  It is really pitiful that I have to think what to eat everyday.  Some friends do have their own way to find their food like cooking by their own.
I'm sick of instant noodle actually, so I waited for people who going out to town to ask them to bring back some food for me!
Well, some of them are kind enough to ask us whether to buy food for us, but some of them didn't ask us anything.  Some that we don't even know that they went out!  Huh...
(I'm seriously not blaming la!)

Since the day before yesterday, I only had milo as my dinner, I sms-ed my super senior to ask her out for dinner!  She came to fetch my roommate and I out! That's so kind of her.
I had wonderful dinner.  A complete one.
I had rice, veges...  Although there was eggplant that I usually won't eat much even though mummy force me to eat, but I ate quick a lot!  Got no idea is it because it was delicious or because I got no choice in Labuan on Veges...
(is very seldom to have chance to eat lots of veges in Labuan)

It was really good to get out from the campus to have a nice meal out there.  The feeling was 'I'm out of the jungle!'  For those who are at home now, you will never understand this because you will never know what's our condition that no food in the campus waiting us to buy.

I'm really appreciate that I get such good super senior.  Seriously.
Feeling that she is the one who willing to feel my existence, but not ignoring me when I need help.  Not like others...
Every time when I need help there will be lots of excuses around and that really pissed me off.
That's why I am good in appreciate those who treat me good.
Is so easy that you treat me good and I will treat you good too!

p/s: hmm... tonight spaghetti???

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