Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (last day in KK)

After a good night sleep, Ying Ying, Edwin and PeiJie with another 4 seniors went to Sandakan left Zi Hao, Me and Syn Wei here in KK.
We stayed in KK for another night with seniors who didn't go Sandakan.
We had tasty breakfast but with different mood (you know I know la)...

After that I don't feel to go shopping yet.. So Syn Wei and I went back to hotel to sleep awhile~

Alright... skip to the last part.
(middle part I don't feel like sharing cause it's something I dislike)

Went for window shopping again with Syn Wei!
(she is such a good roommate and also a good accompanier)

My target was buying a nice cheap clothe, but at the end I didn't buy anything of that!
I bought facial scrub for myself and nail polish lo...
I ate sushi too!
I been caught by that gang of seniors when Syn Wei and I were sitting in Sushi King eating sushi:

at the end, Alvin told me that he was wondering why everytime he sees me he will definitely see me eating!
(totally speechless about that lo... you see me eating because that time I was hungry ma)

Walk until around 5pm in CP and also Warisan Square, then both of us walked back to hotel together.
(it was scary to cross road which there are all main road!)

Then we pampered ourselves since nobody wanted to care us by doing scrub and facial!

The next day morning we went back to Labuan by express also.
Lunch I had Happy Meal~
Really love McD!

p/s: Love being pampered lo...

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