Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (Kundasang Day 2)

Didn't get to have nice sleep either the night in Kundasang.  Zi Hao kept sleeping not straightly while Syn Wei kept sleeping nearer to me...  Argh... I got a feeling in my mind that time was kick both of them to the ground! *evil smile*
(Got one moment they face to my side while they were sleeping!  Oh, that is really disgusting and scary!  So I woke Syn Wei up to ask her to turn to the other side XD)

At 6.30am, Ying Ying got up and that made me got up from my sleep too.  We took some view of the mountain which we can see it from the window of our room!

Nice view huh? Guess all the seniors were climbing at the top of the mountain while we were capturing picture from here. 
p/s: miss the weather there much! is cold and can't feel the heat at all!

After clean up everything, we pack our stuff and be down there cause the driver already waiting for us at 8 am sharp!
We even capture some pictures there and the driver snap some fresh vege from the owner!

I swear! I will never get back the resort anymore!!!! It was really freaking scary and uncomfortable!!! I have to bath with cold water early in the morning and that time the weather was so cold!!!! F**k!!!
Anyway, just complaint of that... cause we were tired and the experience was just borrowing the bed to sleep nia.

And then the driver brought us to another Hotel which I think the rating of the hotel is quite high!
The environment there are awesome!  And I love there.  Really love there!
We captured pictures there too!  We even went to their chalet to capture some nice view of KK mountain!

that were outside the hotel (chalet)
and this are inside the hotel (lobby)

After that we went for our breakfast!
The breakfast was just so so... I didn't finish them up cause still got no good appetite... (feeling I'm wasting lots of food when I was in Kundasang, the dinner there I also gave half of my rice to Zi Hao)

The trip not ended yet after the breakfast, we continue our journey.
We went national park.

and the last place to take some picture of the nice view!

After that we back to KK again...
It was fun and I really enjoyed a lot!
I think going for trip with this amount of friends will be more that enough...
Too many people sometimes will be screw up more!

p/s: hope to go again!!! But that time I just want to stay in a nice hotel and enjoy the coldness of the fresh air... 

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