Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (KK Day 2)

Back From Kundasang already!
Kundasang was fun!
But the moment we got back from Kundasang, 6 of us were super tired! At the end, Syn Wei, Zi Hao and I slept!  3 of us used all space and cause Ying Ying, Edwin and Pei Jie got no place to sleep! *evil smile*

The moment I got up, Pei Jie asked me want to go for dinner or not and I remember Ying Ying told us to watch movie together too! (Ying and Edwin took their meal while we were sleeping so only 4 of us went out)  I also got no idea what time we went for our dinner already.
Didn't get any pictures of that night, cause non of us brought our camera out!  We were so tired until forgot this and that!
Well, I ate salad in Kenny Roaster! Others ate set meal.  Oh ya, forgot to mention that we had our dinner in Suria! The new mall near our hotel!  I love their salad very much and they gave us extra 4 muffins!  *happy*

After the meal, we went to have movie: PIRANHA

The movie was really sucks!!! It ended in an hour time only!!!
But later on, I heard my friend said because we are in Malaysia... There are some of the scene are not allowed to be show in Malaysia!!!
Fuck him la!!! The whole movie become like this...
Really waste my money to watch nia lo!
(But some of the scene are still scary... actually... )

p/s: don't watch it if you haven't... I recommend you guys to download it.  Download the whole version but not from Malaysia which most of the interesting part are being prohibited!

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