Friday, September 3, 2010


This is the first Audition I ever attend.
(no bluffing lo... I swear! XD)
That means this was the first time I went for leh..
(APN Board Members Should Be Proud Ba)

I was so gan jiong before the Audition.
And I almost forgotten too.
The moment right before I wanted to bath, I realize that at night I got no free time because need to attend for audition.
Even Syn Wei also forget about it.

So is time (7.30pm)
I went there with Syn Wei.
She is so kind to accompany me there and accompany me to feel gan jiong too!
I got the number 2, means that I am the 2nd one who going in.
While waiting for my turn
Ah Bee, Nelson keep asking Syn Wei to join (because of the so little number of participation, well at the end she still didn't participate)

I was damn nervous while waiting for my turn...
Finally my turn...
Everything wasn't went so well, when I went in they were laughing at me because of my funny look (it was just an ordinary of my look okay...)
And then started!
When finished, they said my action is too short, so they want to see my happy, angry, sad, cheer, and HIAO!!!  Walao... got HIAO somemore o... =.=

Next, they asked me to sing pulak...!
I didn't prepare for singing leh... + my singing is like parrot singing nia.... (not nice at all)
Haih... Never sing in front of so many 'not so close' friend lo..
The environment is really like real audition de lo!!!
Before singing, we were all laughing laughing and laughing again!

I think I am really good in making others laugh....
This is really my very first audition lo... hahax plus I never think I will do this.

p/s: 2 more days then will be going for holiday... But why I got no holiday mood yet??  Miss home very much.... T_T


  1. good job la. at least u dare to try, even myself i dont know whether i dare to take part or not.

    so, is very good.^^