Thursday, September 23, 2010


There are lots of gossip in this world.
There are lots of people who are wearing a very thick mask too!
This is why parents always say that we have to alert anytime, anywhere when we are out from the house

There are really lots of people that he/she can be such a good friend in front of you but when he/she turns his/her head around, the attitude change! He/she might say something bad about you to the others and this you might never know!
This is really evil!!!

Sometime you got nothing bad to be gossip, but this particular person is so pro in gossiping can make things change until people around you might believe what he/she says.
When things become worst, you will lost your trusty among you friends and at the end you will lost your friend too!

That's why people say be alert to everybody although he/she is your close friend.

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  1. totally definitely extremely agree with you