Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Nothing At All =)

Yesterday Shiang came to our room to ask whether want us to go pick up her Ah Loong from the air port together or not, cause she had book for 4 cars to pick up him (really dai zhan jiong lo)
Since I got no class today and I don't want to face my laptop for whole day so Syn Wei and I decided to help her to 'fill' the car.

Early in the morning, Shiang smsed all of us.  What she sent was something like invitation but is in form of sms...
Since decided at first already, so at 10.20am Syn Wei and I went to the car park as what she told us in the message to wait for others.
When everybody arrived, only Syn Wei and I wore very simple, others were wearing formal! (they have class today and today is formal day!)
So we split up into 4 groups and sit into car~

First car was Ah B, EC, and Xian Xian.
Second car was Nicky and Shiang.
Third car was Nelson, Leng, and Lala.
I was in the fourth car which Chyuan is the driver, with Syn Wei and Edwin (Edwin went out just to tumpang car to pay streamyx nia)

We were all so excited and wondering what will Ah Loong's expression when he saw us (4 cars leh!!! like going to marry like that.. =p)

In all sudden I realize the car in front of us (the third car) was break in all sudden!  Then I heard Chyuan said SHIT!  Then BANG!!! I knock the car in front, and the front car knock the second car...
(This really make recall back the incident happen when I was in form 4 and that time I was in KL... Faced the same accident that our car knock the front car and the front car knock the front car of them!)
Then all of us get down from the car and I realize that I have bruises on my right leg, and did knock my left hand on the dashboard while I was trying to avoid myself to approach to the front.  (Luckily I got put on safety belt!  If not I think I have already out from the car...)
Syn Wei got bruises on her right leg too, and Edwin got bruises on both of his leg... (the most serious one...@@)

Since we haven't pick up Ah Loong, so we went to airport with only 2 cars.  Nelson and Chyuan left at the spot there to wait for people to take the car for reparation.  Ah Loong treat us choco top!!! (partially is to calm us down =) )

Then we get back to hostel after that.
Back to my room, I ny realize that I got another bruises on my left leg... didn't realize it was painful that time...
Then I also realize that my left hand was still shaking! (got no idea why only left hand shaking... is it because of the knock?) Really zadao lo...
Didn't know that my physical still in shock as mentally I don't feel anything already...

But now I'm okay already, Syn Wei is okay too, she is not as frighten when the accident happen ady. =)
I'm proud of myself that I didn't cry this time... cause the previous accident (I was sitting at the back) I cried right after I get out from the car... and then I got phobia after that... guess Syn Wei get phobia from this too...

Anyway, we are lucky cause no major injuries happen.
So is nothing at all! =))

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