Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (KK Day 1)

Woke up 5am in the morning, because is time to start my trip!!!
I packed my stuff the day before and the mood of holiday still didn't come to me yet.
When to take my bath.  (the water is so cold man, I felt like I was bathing in aircond room with cold water!!! freezing la weyh!!!)
Then Syn Wei's turn.
After we packed and ready everything, we took photo before we left our room.

(my hair is long already =))

We went down to Shiang's house, was thinking to go cfc with her since we were going to the same place together!
But who knows that she just woke up when we went down!  If not mistaken, that time was already 6.30am!
GanJiong lo!!!
But she made it in time! (she wasn't the latest one lo)

Syn Wei and I were the first who reached cfc.  I think we had wait the others for around 10 minutes, then only can see others came with their luggage along!  I felt that I bring not much thing to KK.  *proud*
Waited and waited...

waited all of them to reach, not all of them punctual anyway...
you know la, human being ma...

Going to the bus mini liao, going going going...

Going up to the bus soon!!!
Wait, don't misunderstand la all...
We were going to Jetty by bus, not go KK by bus la... XD
2 photographer kept capturing pictures, one of them is Ying Ying and another one is Leng (although she is not the camera's owner, Alvin Yan is the owner)

Very soon, we reached Jetty!
Then we went to buy breakfast which near Jetty.
We took pictures too before we got into ferry.
A Big Family picture.

when we were our way to get into ferry to start our journey to KK!

Syn Wei and I ate in the Ferry although it was still puasa, we still ate what we had because we were starving and the more important is we are not muslim. =)
We made ourselves VIP which we had VIP seat.
It was fucking cold actually, it was like I'm in Cameron Highland!  The jacket that I was wearing didn't help much also cause I still feel cold after wearing it.
Can't sleep well in the ferry actually, got no idea why actually.  So I took some pictures by using my camera and also Ying Ying's camera!

can you guess who is this?

We ate chocolate too when we were in the ferry.
Syn Wei bought them before we get into ferry, is cheap but the taste is really weird and yuck...

Besides Pei Jie, Ying Ying, Syn Wei and I sit in VIP seats, Edwin and Zi Hao also join the VIP seat too!
I also didn't know Zi Hao will go along with us.  I also knew it the day before we went.

These are the same batch.  We are juniors which followed seniors to KK.
Hahahax, sound like they are so old!

Finally after around 3 hours, we reached KK!!!
Argh... it was really a long trip siting in such cold ferry.... *freezing*

Hello Kota Kinabalu!!!

Remy and Zi Hao were looked excited when reached KK!

took some pictures before we left Jetty to our hotel.

there is a shopping mall (new one leh) nearby our hotel!
(there are nothing much in there la.. cause is still new lo)

Here is our hotel!
Waiting outside while seniors are checking in for us. =)

After resting and bath in our hotel, we went 1 Borneo which near by our main campus!
It was a long journey to get there seriously, we went under rain!  And then get into Centre Point, then get into bus which the location of the bus station is damn fucking far from our hotel!
Finally we reached 1 Borneo!!!
We had our 'lunch' at there.  I ate waffle only cause they said dinner was coming soon so left some space for dinner... (that time was already around 3pm)
Went to have some window shopping.

But at the end Syn Wei and I bought some bras for ourselves and a pair of high heels from Blay for myself!
It was on sales!!!  
The high heels I bought was in 70% discount!!! 
From RM100 became RM30!!!

And then we went Kah've to have our dinner.
At first I was thinking to go sushi king de, but since I never been Kah've before so we went in to have a try instead of choosing a restaurant that I can always eat when I am in my hometown.

took order after we went in. 
then started our capturing in the restaurant while waiting for food!
By the way, JJ was just beside the restaurant having is mini concert!!!!

really got no idea where he looked at that time lo...

Pei Jie is pretty when she put on her make up!
Got no idea we waited for food for how long, cause we were SS while taking pictures!

that's what Pei Jie's ordered

This is what I ordered...
Not bad. =)

here is Syn Wei again..
This one she looked pretty!

After the dinner, some of them went to washroom
And the 2 guys were doing some nonsense post... and there are some pictures for them too!

that time we were standing outside the washroom waiting for other girls, and we can feel that there were lots pairs of eyes looking at us.
Maybe there were thinking who are us and why we were acting weird!

After awhile we walked for another one hour (if not mistaken) then we take shuttle bus to back to our hotel.
I was really tired actually, shopping really need lots of energy to walk!

capture this before our sleep...
6 of us (2 guys and 4 girls) were staying in a room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed!!!
That was really unbelievable!  
We combined our bed together and Syn Wei and I sleep together while the other 4 sleep together.

p/s: it is not comfortable to sleep in such small room... seriously...

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