Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Trip September 2010 (3 islands in a day)

Slept quite early the night before and woke up early.
Today ----> Islands!!!
I didn't eat breakfast but just a cup of milo ny...
(actually didn't plan to go down to the sea!)
So when is time! We started our island journey!!!
We went Sapi Island, Manukan Island and Mamutik Island...

Beach pants!!! Ready????
Let's Go!!!!!


excited lo!!!

let's rock the sea!!!

let's jump!!!

all of us were there!!!
The trip was wonderful!
I wasn't plan to get into the sea, but I was just too jealous to see others playing and snorkeling around, having close touch with fishes...
So I decided to jump into the sea and have fun without thinking any consequences! (Life should be like that right?)
Sapi Island got lots of people there and it was fun and I saw fishes; Manukan Island was not nice seriously... cause there are so dirty for me... I don't like the sea color either... Can't see any fish in the sea too!  The last station: Mamutik Island.  Beautiful and that was the least people there.  Friends didn't get into the water already, most of them were tired to get near to the environment.  This island is where I got my sun burn too!...

I'm seriously fall in love with island life, I wish I can stay in island for a week although I know that I will become as dark as an Indian.
I become dark since that day, but I love my color tone now.  Wish so much that I will not be fairer anymore!

p/s: can we go again?

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