Friday, October 22, 2010

Didn't Know That You're Angry

I know things had pass which few weeks ago, 
but I still bare in mind on what had I done.
I asked many times whether you are angry with it or not.
The answer that you gave me was...
"nah... nothing la... "
"is okayh..."
I know that was just not the true word from you.
It shown you know, 
I can feel that it is not the real one.
Is hiding from me.

This morning I asked again.
I didn't ask you this time, 
I asked someone that close to you
Well, the answer that I get was:
"yala... got little bit la..."
"he is very strict..."
"but is okayh la... we manage to settle it.."

This time I feel calm,
at least I know that you angry.
I know is my fault anyway, 
just I really don't know how...

Anyway, I feel better~
Thanks for telling me a...

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