Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take Three

It has been so busy after JCN and M1M.  I skipped class even often!!! (I know that this is bad, but friend signed for my attendance.) and I started to become lazier and lazier at the end started to abandon my blog...
Today got no class again because of some inconvenient of our lecturer, so today will be available for whole day. (available for assignment nia... )  So I'm now updating my latest status and what happened past few days.

I bought flight ticket back home is on 25th of November, happy that I can go back early (although is not consider early if compare to others in UMSKAL, but is early if I compare to my friends hometown.  Plus I don't have to celebrate my birthday in this island but with my sweet, warm family)  The procedure of buying tickets cause me lots of problem and make lots of mistake too! Everything is settled now and I learned.  I really learned. (hope wont lao sai again when I book flight ticket next time)

Then last few days I went to the temple to pray due to 九王爷 festival (is that consider as festival?) Actually I also got no idea how this came from, so don't ask me.... Maybe you can google it. =p
Went with Edwin, Wai Yen and Syn Wei.  When we were there, everyone went out for their activity, so we pray without noise and everything was so calm...
We had our dinner outside too!  WaiYen told me that no dinner, we will just go pray... So I ate some biscuit in my room but who knows, at the end I had another proper meal... =.=

And then started with my assignments day... Rushing here and there...
Looking at my schedule on the wall, it was full!!! There will be assignment to hand in everyday!
When busy comes, my body started to warn me... I got lots of symptoms which show myself that I'm unhealthy!!!  Argh....
I'm afraid actually...  Afraid that I might got some disease... (touch wood!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Gonna drink more water and less salty and spicy food.... until exam ends...

Well, I think I got to continue with my assignment already.

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