Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This was an event in September and I'm sorry cause didn't post up right after the event.
Honey was my EXCO, and we were in charge of multimedia.
I heard lots of issues in it but I just did my part...
Anyway, it was fun when the event started...
Here come some pictures to explain everything.

there were lots of competition and as multimedia department, I have to walk to almost each (because still got Honey and Edwin ma) to take pictures to put in the slideshow to show them on that night.

three of us!  We work together again after SSIL Night last sem~

Andrew... really sorry and luckily you aren't that small gas~
anyway, he looks cute with that wearing.

top model... ><
I prefer the bottom one cause I dislike the way he put on the songkok at the first picture.


YuJin: "why should I take picture with her la!!!"

Just forget everything that make me angry and pissed off~
There are always issues...  Just looked what we have at the end? Fun and success~ ^^

Let's share this video with you guys~
Is nice and I really like it. =)

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