Friday, October 29, 2010

I Changed

Suddenly feel free to look at posts that I posted last time.
Looking at the right side menu of my blog, realize that I started my blog for 2 years! (started since 2008)
Didn't know that I really got that 'mood' to continue my blogging this long.

There are lots of thing I realize that I have changed.
1. I become fatter a lot!!!
2. The style I of my blogging changed
3. Mind set also change

I feel that I really grown up a little.
Seriously, I become more home lover compare to last time.
I used to stay away from house, hate to stay at home, feel like home is a jail.
But now no more.

Friends are just someone that might turn you up one day.
They might treated you very good before but now forever.
Some of them even worst, they can betray you and treat you good if you are worth too!

I used to be that skinny (first picture) and now I become a fatty (second picture)...
What a shame..
People change to become prettier and I change to become uglier...

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