Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

After the APN meeting, I started to wash my brain and make my brain started to work.  The next day of the meeting I started my presentation slide first. (mandarin presentation)  I never believe that I can spend for one day to finish it lo... @@

Before that, one of my friend asked me to help him and his group in their assignment.  I promised.  But when I finished my slide presentation the clock showed at 6pm already.  Sigh.  So I decided not to go help.
Who knows when I finish bathing, I heard that nobody is going to help, so I went.  Since I promised, so I went.
Didn't help out cause I waited for around an hour and they didn't start, so I left them... (really sorry about that)

Once I back room, I started to think again. Google search...
This was the first time I google so much and youtube so much!
I make lots of research, things that already in my mind but can't find in the Internet!  There were no suitable one at all!  I was so frustrated at first.  I even make the president and senior felt that I'm annoying (I guess la).  I gave up cause felt very tired and went to sleep at 2.30am.

This morning, I found what I want!
Finally... after whole night of thinking... (even dreaming also leh)  I get what I want! *happy*
very satisfied actually~
at least something I want is borned!.

p/s: spend whole day to make that leh... but happy~

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