Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday went for Ang Pau Night meeting.  (I got a 'promotion' that I become EXCO from AJK, that's why I have to attend the meeting)  I bought Syn Wei along because that was the first APN meeting I attended, previously was other person.

Since the president said we have to be there at 7.30pm plus those who late will have to pay RM5 as punishment, so Syn Wei and I reach there at around 7.10pm.  (early leh.. =p)
It was a very very very long meeting!!!
We started the meeting at 7.30pm and ended the meeting at around 12.30am!!!  Can you imagine it??? 5 hours!!!

Syn Wei asked me before we went for the meeting, "the meeting will be short de hor..." I told her that this kind of meeting shortest also need around 2 hours.  But I never aspect the meeting to be 5 hours long lo...
Really walao!!!

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