Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Mood Leh~

Is Thursday and I got no idea why am I so happy and excited today.

Yuszren's class should be at 8.30am but I went out at 8am.  Ate my breakfast with Syn Wei at Binary Cafe, then went to 5th floor.  Met Mr. Yuszren and since he is my mentor so I asked him about FYP (I'm seriously scare of FYP cause I saw all seniors are like kalam kabut in their FYP.

Then get some information from Mr. Yuszren, we went to thesis room!  This is the first time I been there... really wow!!!  After that class to attend...

After class we didn't straight away back to our room but we proceed our 'research' of our FYP...
(really scare ma...)

Spend around another 2 hours in the main building, waiting for the lift, talking to Mr. Yuszren... and other lecturers~  At the end, we get some of the information that we want to~


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