Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pasar In Labuan

Yesterday Shiang suddenly came in to my room in all sudden (that time I was changing leh ==), to ask us (roommate and I) whether want to go pasar tomorrow (is today, 6am leh...).  Since she is helping me all during this semester, so I think is time to say thank you in action, so I promised.

Got up very early this morning.  Got up at 5.30am and used that half an hour to clean up everything (is actually myself) then went down to find Shiang.  (I went down alone, it was a very very bad morning, and I really realize all along it was a lie from you to me.  Didn't know that I can't even ask you for such tiny thing... really disappointed)

guess where is this place? 
If can't guess then find your way to encrypt this... XD

Then we went to take birthday cake (Leng's de) from bakery shop.  I also got help for the surprise leh, although I didn't appear myself. =))

Then at around 11am went back to school le...
Oh ya, on the way when we were at Milimewah, met some friends and then at Bateras met again the same people...  Really sweat lo...

p/s: KENA SCOLD LO...  T__T

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