Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dinner At McD

Since is going to have study week and I am going to have my first FINAL paper tomorrow night, so I decided to go have 'outdoor' dinner with friends.  Since I'm the 'organizer' so I decided to go McD.
It was yesterday when I made that decision.

So I waited for so long, finally can eat McD!!!  6 of us went out~
Who knows when we went there, just realized that there weren't black pepper mcDeluxe anymore...  Poor Chai Fong cause she didn't get the chance to eat it!. =p
But because of me, all of them continue their meal in McD although with 80% of unwilling... =p

Didn't get to capture other people, only Chai Fong and Yu Jun who sat infront of me. =p
Oh ya, the 'mountain of' salt and black pepper is our (Syn Wei and I) idea, to save cost and the quality is better than we bought from the market! (actually are all excuses... hehe)

After our dinner, we went to 满载来 (is actually 满客来, I got no idea why I kept saying 满载来 lo).

The outside of the mini market looks very old and looks like those cheaplak shop, but when you step into the shop, you will got shock!  Cause I feel like going into a market in a mall!  I didn't lie... is true!
Well, bought some food and rice to cook for the next day~
I'm happy cause I can eat porridge already. =)

Then I took some pictures of mine... (ugly one)
Since is so ugly, so edited to make it look prettier (but still look ugly lo)
don't scroll down to see if you don't want to see my face.

oh ya, I edited Syn Wei's picture too!
p/s: my pictures are all edited background only... =p


Which one nicer???


  1. OI!
    Can respect me a bit ma? Original me is the best lo!

    Edit until so obvious! LOL

  3. oh my god!!! after syn wei see this she is going to kill me!!!
    @@ *scare*

  4. but if i didn't put the original picture then you will not notice right???????
    (say yes!!!) =p

  5. aiks... i no eyes to see liao....