Friday, October 29, 2010

Homemade Porridge

This is the first time I cook porridge for myself this semester.  I bought those material yesterday night after my dinner.  Since there is food in my room, then I will not torture my own stomach, just eat when I feel hungry. =)

After I woke up, then I started to cook ady, it was still early and maybe make it: porridge as breakfast today!
I cook porridge with vege, and I got no idea what vege is that! I don't know the name of it at all... (sweat right?  Cause my grandma told me that the name of the vege called: tua cai means big vege in English.)

After my roommate got up, she cooked herself porridge too!  It was so satisfy can eat something healthy and nice. =)

One thing I realize...
My roommate is so damn lazy! =p
She even lazy to take her bowl down (we use to cut our veges and food at senior's house cause their kitchen are more clean compare to ours) to bring up the veges that she was going to cut to add into her porridge.  I was so swt... @@|||
Seriously I never see people like this, and now I met one... Is this consider I'm lucky??

There will be first Final Exam Paper tonight, I don't feel nervous at all and I don't feel any stress from this subject at all too!  Am I too confident???  No...
I hope not because I'm too confident, I hope is just because I'm lazy as well...
Guess my roommate and I will become perfect match as both of us are lazy people... =.=

Oh ya, another thing to mention here..
I'm so surprise that someone told me that I got BOYFRIEND... I feel so shocked when I heard this, cause myself also don't know that when I am in a relationship?  
Don't be so busybody to guess what status am I in la....  is none of your business right?
Seriously I don't think we got any chance to be friend anymore, is like there is an antibody in my brain that make me immune with your attitude and behavior.  I can't really accept you as my friend anymore... 
Seriously...  If you want to blame just blame yourselves, this is what you choose to be.. not me.

I'm so unhealthy recently, eat lots of heaty food...  and now my gums are swollen (this is the symptom of my body not enough of water... T_T)
Gonna buy 100 plus to drink with salt ady...
Hope everything become nice and well before Final ba~

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