Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday my roommate told me that there will be swimming this morning.  
(I joined swimming club)
Once I heard the news I felt pissed off...
Is Sunday morning!!!

I really don't like their management!
I paid for it and I didn't get a chance to go...
(I know you will say that there is a chance for me but I didn't choose to go...)

  1. they didn't set a good time for us, they always set according to their time (their = head of the club I guess)
  2. I never been any meeting of this club before, no idea who is the president or vice president of the club
  3. I know swimming time will be on Sunday but as I know till now only got 2 times of the swimming time for us..  (both didn't manage to go because both also got examination on the same day and next day)
  4. every time when they decided the time was one day before we know it...  Just like this morning activity, I get to know yesterday night and that time was already 10pm!
I was really pissed off with their management!  They didn't fix a time for us and every time when there is, I will sure have to rearrange my time... This is ridiculous! 
Argh... Don't expect me to join in the next year!!!

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