Sunday, October 10, 2010

Experience It And Make It Better

After that few activities that I had involved, I learnt.
I learnt...
to forgive each other to get the best result for the activity.
to communicate more.
to co-operate with each other.

Sometimes it is just lots of conflict came out during the process to success.
But we need to help each other and we need each other shoulder to make ourselves become stronger.
As long as the end product that we produce after all the quarrels, all the tired and all the hard work is the best!

I learnt
sometimes we can be close friends in social but we can't really work together.
because conflict just happen.
No idea why.

But I hope all the experience I gain in the activities I will bare in mind so that I will never make the same mistake and I don't hope to see same 'tragic' to happen.

I just want a nice happy ending. =)

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