Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feelings + Mosquitoes War

Suddenly I asked Mei Qian: "how many percentage that your husband has occupied in your heart?" last night.  She was so surprise and keep asking me why I ask her those question.  I also don't know why I will ask her those question in all sudden.
Then she answered me: "actually those things can't be measured just like that, cause if even though you keep saying that you don't really like that person, but you keep on do things just for him/her or keep on forgiving him/her... this has prove that he/she already occupied a high percentage in your heart and just you didn't realize it.
She has the point there, maybe she is right.  
I don't know and I can't give any extra point of view, cause I'm not in that stage yet. XD

Then Ian Qiu and I keep saying and teasing Mei Qian that she is very happy now with her life because she is not living with an odd number but an even number which means she has someone who care and share everything with her now.
Guess what she answer us?  She said that we both have someone to care with just we never accept it.  =.='''
But the problem is, if it is not belong to us why should we own it? 
Why don't we let it go to let it has a better one?

Yesterday night was the worst night I ever had in this ISLAND!!!
I had a war with mosquitoes and I had lost the match!!!
I really got no idea how many bloods do they need??  
One mosquito can already make me mad, how if there are mosquitoes??
my whole leg and hands were 'kissed' by mosquitoes...
ARGH!!!! make me suffer whole night, didn't sleep well...

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