Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Of Driving

Sometimes being a passenger is also a happiness.
Today I drove back from grandma's house which need around 2 hours time of journey.  It is not very tiring but very boring.  I listen to the songs alone, talk alone and smile alone.  I really hate this kind of feeling.  Hate it so much.

After I back home, I just realized that the bai nian plan change to the next day, so Hui Yuan asked me for movie and have a walk in the mall to help her to choose a dress for her dinner.  We went ECM and we met Joe and Kent who wanna buy movie tickets for that night's movie.
Finally decision had make that 6 of us will go for movie, which are Joe, Hui Yuan, Leong, Grace, Yt and I.  At first I asked Joe to fetch me to the movie, cause the movie is until quite late.  The movie that we were going to watch was 'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief' and Joe bought 10.20pm ticket, which means the movie is going to end at 12am something. 

Since I want to give chance to Joe and Hui Yuan to have some lone time, so I thicken my face and called YT to ask him to fetch me.  At first he say no with the reason that he got work to do and after work he straight away go to the cinema, but then after few minutes he smsed and said he was coming to fetch me at 8pm.  wtf.
so I went out with YT to Grace house.
I felt regret to go out pulak... and I regret to ask YT to watch movie also.  His face a....
At night I become the passenger that YT fetched me back home, and before balik, he fetch me go makan supper....
@@''' I think I prefer to be the passenger.

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