Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ignore the title first, let me complaint something first...
Yesterday night (should be this morning) I watch them ber-mahjong till around 1.30am, then my sister and I went to sleep together.  I don't know why I was so uncomfortable and can't sleep well yesterday night...
I think I have stay awake for an hour, then I feel very hot and started sweating liao!!!
wtf... why like that de... I still wanna join basketball in the morning with them de leh, I have to be enough sleep leh...
haih, what to do, nothing we can do but wait nia.......
at the end, I fall asleep at 3.30am, and decided to ffk my sister for not to go basketball with them...
really so sorry la..

this is really sweet and warm, my aunty wake up early in the morning and help us prepare this breakfast.
Thanks a lot, want to have a kiss from me??  hahahax
It is combination breakfast!!!
Combination from:
woah, is really healthy and full la weyh...
yum yum

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