Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9.2.10 *14:22*

Went makan with Grace just now, I had some dim sum, is not really very delicious but it's satisfying. =)
First time see Grace wear so formal, I also seldom wear so formal to class before unless there is presentation. 

The weather in Kuantan is really sunny and hot but windy, guess the Sky know that we are in the season of house cleaning, that's why He wants our cloths to be dry and out of bacteria. =)  Thanks to Sky, although I have to sweat a lot, cause I can able to wash 3 times cloth in a day which all the cloths can dry in a day too. 

Yesterday night went shopping with mummy to ECM, bought some new formal cloth from Brand Outs Let, g0t sales now, kinda cheap too. Buy 1 Free 1. I'm getting fatter and fatter liao, all the cloths I also cannot wear liao, that's why I have to buy new cloths liao.... Aih... sigh, this is the consequences of after eating too much and enjoy too much liao!!!
What to do? I can only relax by eating eating and eat!!!! I think I better find other way to release my stress, if not I'll be fatter and fatter liao, later my house door I also cannot masuk then jalat liao.... @@'''

Tonight I'll be going out with Grace again.  
Just now listen to her stories, suddenly feel that things that she is talking about got some relation about me... which means that things that she is talking about I have the same attitude in it too... I feel that one day I might make her feel annoying too...
Maybe as someone said that I've been complaining too much!!!

Guess I have to learn to stop complaining but blaming myself rather than complaining right??
hahahax, I will learn to do that. =)

Okayh, got to continue my CC assignments liao, really bull shit that I have to redo with that.  Well, is not that I wanna complaint, but is really not our fault to redo but the lecturer!!!! Almost all the groups have to do again!!!
Anyway, to all my teammates, GAMBATEH!!!!

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