Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Time Spend So Few When I Go Town

Since tomorrow is Chap Gor Mei, we actually plan to go Anjung Ketam to have our dinner.  Who are the 'WE'?? They are my 'CRAZY FAMILY' that suddenly appeared.  Why appear?? I think is because we are too stress and we need some humors to make our life in this University more lively. =)

Is really too bad that we can rent our car out tomorrow night, so we change our plan to go out today. ^0^
(Let me share the happy things here, since I am satisfied with the night.=) just forget about it.)
SPKAL students have their MAKRO mid term, so that can't join the dinner with us... (MC, paiseh... You cannot have free dinner with us... kekekex)
At first, as I said, we plan to go Anjung Ketam to eat some seafood, but Pei Jie asked me whether want to go together to an aunty's house to eat cause she is having house warming. Since others are agree with it, so we went to eat at there.  (this can save our cost too xD)

Laugh a lot when eating at there, I drank wine at there too, not bad. 
Edwin showed his 21st birthday present at there, to be frankly, his camera is difficult to use la... cause don't have anti-shaking. 
Anyway, have a nice time with them.
And, one important thing is I spend less than RM5 this time.

sigh, suddenly heard a news.... feel a little big of sad but I can do nothing about..... let it be ba. =)


  1. Less than RM5 meh? The car rental also need RM7.50 ady lo.

    p/s: check check your spelling la before you post. Sometimes very confuse de leh.