Friday, February 26, 2010

Tragedy Still Continue

Continue with the story previously, I said that I don't want to go to class with powder right, and I didn't. =)
Of course not because there is water already but because my room still got 2 pails of water, so I can bath since I only will use half of the water in the pail. =)

From the previous post until now, people in the campus like just came back from drought were 'fighting' for water.  I don't know why are they so eagerly want water so much???!!!
If you are here, you can see both of the tangki are always full people.  Oh ya, when the tangki is empty, then will be nobody at there, but when the lorry comes to fill in the water, before they start to fill in, there are already few people waiting at there liao...

Ever since I back from Chinese New Year, I haven't wash my tilam cloths until yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to wash my clothes and wash my hair cause I scare that there are no water for me to wash if I go a bit late.  Then suddenly few wanna breakthrough and go back to my room to take my sarung and bath at there.  Well, is a nice experience and now I understand why people rather bath at tangki there than take water into their room, because it is more convenient!!! and it is comfortable. =)

And guess what?? Today I bath at tangki there again...  I am no longer shy anymore... I don't feel shame to bath at down there, cause I can use more than a pail of water to wash my hair, face and entire body. =)
Well, this doesn't mean that I love to stay in this condition, I still want water back, bath in the room is the most comfortable thing ever. =)

Oh ya, forget to mention that, we desperate for water until I went to the airport to bath this afternoon.  =p
This is not our fault, cause the weather is too hot, and we were sweating like hell, we need water...


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