Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Tiring Day

I slept at 5am today, I was so glad that I able to fall asleep again.  My alarm rang at 7am which I had set, but I didn't able to wake up at that time.  When I was fully awake, the time showed 8.15am!!! Oh My God, I have class, I have Multimedia class at 8am and obviously I'm late!!! Very very late!!!  Then I saw 2 messages received, one is from Ah Gong and another one is from Syn Wei.  Ah Gong asked me to leave a place for him, while Syn Wei told me to go to the class first cause she overslept.  =.='''
But who knows that I overslept too??
I wanted to skip class since I have already so late.  I called Ah Gong and told him that I'm not going to class, so please help me to sign for the attendance.  I laid down on my bed after the call trying to continue my sweet sweet dream, who knows after a minute, Ah Gong called me and ask me to go for class cause there will be quiz for today's class!!!  Woah!!!  I quickly jump up from my bed, change my cloths, wash my face and brush my teeth then rush to the class.  I didn't bring anything, which means I went to the class with nothing on my hand, because I'm planning to pretend that I'm just back from toilet so that the lecturer won't notice that I was late. 
Yeah, I know that You will definitely say that I'm bad and this is a very bad example.  But I don't want this to happen also la..  I never know that my AFFIRMATION will be so so so accurate. (before that I told Syn Wei that I might not going to class, please help me to sign and if got quiz then inform me so that I can rush for the quiz)

When I was having Theno's meeting, Shin Yi smsed me and told me that we will go to T0WN at 10am.  Syn Wei, Shin Yi and I went town at 10am.  Guess what I bought?? I bought alcohol!!!  I will bring 4 bottles of alcohol back to Kuantan this time, please... GOD BLESS ME...
After 'SHOPPING' then we rush back for our Hubungan Etnik which the class on Monday had been canceled.  I was really tired cause I went out from 8.30am until 3.30pm only back to my room.

Guess what I did when I reach my room?? 
0nline??  NOPE!
Chit Chat??  NOPE!
Facebooking?? NOPE!
Sms??  NOPE!
Bath?? NOPE!
Eat?? NOPE!
Hahax, I watch DRAMA!!!
I really love this Drama, cause is all about dogs.

This Drama is really nice, the Actor and Actress were so cute.  They were always quarreling with each other but at the end they become couple. This is what we called "冤家变亲家".  This quote is the most suitable them.  

By the way, that's my new earing. =)

Okayh, I cannot tahan liao.  I really want to sleep ady.  I am really very tired!  Good night all~~~

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