Thursday, February 4, 2010

Complaint About Life

My bad habit comes again.  Yup that's right, I want to complaint!!!
Complaint are always something bad for me, because I will usually teasing or scolding, but yet after complaining I will feel thousands of fresh and good. =)

Yesterday was the worst day I ever had I guess, 2 exam in a day and these 2 exam I didn't do my best to study them.  First was Java, I am really sick of this subject, but I got no choice except continue studying it.  Before I came to study, I thought I love computing, and choose most of my course were related to computer.  Now, I think I am wrong, I got no talent in computing and I need to do a lots of practices in that.  Since I have already step into this field, then I should continue my way.  Second, Mandarin.  The lecturer didn't specify on what we should study, so I didn't pay much attention on the revision on this subject, I put more in my Java.  When I get my question paper, I was really surprise!!! Surprise that I didn't know how to do the questions!!!  The lecturer gave us 2.30 hours to answer our questions, but I used only half and hour to do them.  I am really regret why I didn't memorize all the informations?  Who knows that he will give us the questions just like history questions?  Yea, I know that I shouldn't blame the lecturer, because I am the one who didn't make sure myself study everything, every notes he gave.  I think I got no much different on what I answer with handing in a blank paper to him.  I am really sorry about that...

Streamyx line was really sucks lately.  That's why I didn't get to update my blog yesterday, I can't even play Facebook, which it has been my daily routine to open Facebook.  I know that this a very bad habit just like YT told me, I can't live without handphone and internet.  Well, I am on the way learning to live without handphone.  It seems like he is right about this.  >.<

Something bothering me now.  Let me ask you, what is blog use for?  For me, blog is for us to express out our feeling no matter is good thing or bad thing.  I did express some of my feeling in blog about good and bad around me.  Maybe she read one of the post that I did mention about her and now she already pissed off with me.  Well, anything.  I shouldn't be to kind after all, cause no one will appreciate it.  Make me feel like I'm being fooled nia.  I really need someone to talk too, to care about, but seems like I haven't find someone like that.  Sometimes things that expressed, I will feel funny and dumb cause I never think that I am that fool, but YT said I'm not stupid. although I think I'm and very stupid.

I can't sleep now, although I'm really sleepy.  Insomnia.
I slept at 12am just now, then don't what make me awake, at around 2am.  I was so sleepy, so I went back to sleep again, but too bad I can hardly make a good dream.  I can't really go into sweet dream, can't sleep.  Then I know what happen liao.  I got insomnia.  Luckily I plan to skip class later. >.<

Oh Ya, mummy's birthday had just passed.  I wanna wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I really LOVE you mummy.  I didn't give her a call on her birthday, I know she is waiting for my call, but I got no time to call you la mummy, I was rushing with my exams notes... I'm so so so sorry.  Celebrate with you again when I back Kuantan, k??  All the best.  Muacksssss~~~

That's all for now I guess...
I think I got to force myself to sleep ady....  Good Night all. =)

p/s: don't get offended on what I mentioned yea. =) 


  1. Love it...your post. So damn honest!
    And another thing that you're need to know is that you are not the only one who deals with this Insomnia problems. I do. Even worst. It was all thanks to Mr. Internet, I have so much things to do by having him around till I didn't realized that it's already late in the morning. :)