Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tonight will be the second night I'm staying here after I back to this lonely island. 

Just now had my Mandarin mid term, is really like handing the blank paper to the lecturer.  I'm dead again and this time I'm the one who hand in first.  *dead*
I really got no talent in Mandarin, I wonder why I'm so weak in this subject???

I know that I shouldn't blogging now, I know that I should have studying my Multimedia now cause tomorrow is mid term for that course.  But I really want to complaint, although I know somebody dislike I complaint so much.  The water is becoming worst.  Now the water tank is empty...  Oh sorry, should be the water tanks are empty!!!
I got no idea how the whole campus can survive.... I don't know how can I survive... T_T
Tomorrow morning I still have class to attend, how I'm going to bath????

Actually nothing is bad in here, I have to admit that....  although I dislike it.
Everything is fine here, just the water problem!!!
I am getting fatter when I stay here, even my sinus gets better when I stay here.  I got no flu, no cough or even fever.  The weather, the environment are clean and fresh compare to my hometown I guess, that's why I'm healthier at here. 

Sigh, hope the water come tomorrow morning so that I can bath.  I don't want just go class with powder... T_T

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