Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm In Kuantan (hometown) Now

Yes!!! I'm really happy with this. =)
Really really happy cause I can back to Kuantan earlier than others. 
Yesterday at airport, I feel lonely when I have to wait in KLIA alone for the next flight from KL to Kuantan.  But luckily I have laptop with me so that I can online facebooking and chit-chating with others to reduce my boringness.

When I reach Kuantan airport and going out after taking my luggage, a guard stop me and ask me to show him my passport! Hey, Mr. I'm Malaysian la... I told him, then he double check my luggage then he apologize and said he didn't notice the tag on my luggage.  Fine, I forgive him cause he is just doing his job. Then I called mummy to fetch me back.  It is so so so happy to listen to their voices, happy to see their faces.  My sister even complaint to me that I'm very noisy when I back home, the house is fully of noises nia...  But I feel never mind la, cause they can feel this phenomena when I wasn't at home ma. That night before I got into the flight back to Kuantan, mummy cared about my stomach and asked me whether I need to eat something before I reach Kuantan or not.  Thanks mummy.. *sweet sweet*

This morning I woke up by mummy at 8.30am, I was so sleepy so I continue sleeping (ignored my mom's as alarm) then she came into my room to wake me up again at 9am and ask me to bath my darling.  Okayh, 100% awake, then I bath my darling.  It has been a month I didn't bath with him, I know that he is really happy to see me too, right darling? =)
Then after bath, mummy bring me out for breakfast, vegetarian. It has been awhile that I didn't have heavy breakfast, usually in campus I will just eat some biscuits or drink cereals then off to class or brunch, that's why the breakfast today for me was kinda full and really very very satisfied!
After breakfast, my time to serve my mom has come.  Cleaning session started!  I helped her to clean the ceiling fan downstairs and wiped the cupboard, I just used up 3 hours for this and I feel tired after that.  There are lots of lazy bugs in my body that's why I was so lazy to continue cleaning up the whole house.  Plan to continue tomorrow. xD

Went to watch just now with my family.  This is really rare that we can watch movie together, and it has been long time we didn't watch movie together, and I also forgotten when we watched together.  
This movie is really funny and the most important is the movie is made from Malaysia and the venue they took in the movie is my hometown!!! Kuantan!!! I'm really proud of it!!! =))))

It is worth enough to watch this movie.  This movie make me laugh, smile, and cry, it is really meaningful and the most important is it's made from Malaysia, we should support local brand! 
This movie is suitable to all different ages, so bring along your family members to watch along no matter they are old or young.

Let me ask you, 
how long you didn't watch movie with your whole family in cinema? 
I had just watch with them, how about you?

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