Saturday, February 6, 2010

1st Time CC Presentation Make Me Emo

This morning, again, I was lazy to wake up.  But since Mr. Yuzreen said that we will going to have out quiz in the next class so I forced myself to wake up from my bed which I still wanna stay and sleep a bit longer.  Quickly clean myself and then go to the ground floor and wait for Syn Wei they all to class like we did as usual.  But who knows that they were no quiz at all.... sien again...
Oh ya, I remembered...  Last night when Pei Jie came into my room to sleep with me (her room is out of electricity), the whole bed was slept by me... she somemore need to use her pillow to hit me to make sure she got place to sleep... xD

After the morning class, we were rushing here and there for our CC presentation in the evening.  We are in the second group which means we will be the second group to go up to present our work.  We spend 2 weeks time only to do this assignment.  At first we had chosen the topic "the importance of corporate reputation", last week the lecturer suddenly told us that we have to choose from our text book, so at the end we choose chapter 4.
Before we went to the class, we were rushing here and there to print and bind our portfolio and assignment, and we have to wear formal attire purposely! (today is semi-formal)  Siva and his teammate were the first group.  They were the first who presented, their presentation and assignment were being rejected.  And guess what??!!  Our assignment were being rejected too!!! Sigh... cause we had been rushing here and there, at the end what we get is we need to redo our assignment.... what the heck!!!!  The most pity thing is Ah Gong went back to change to formal purposely for this presentation.

Just now I just find out that we have event during CNY, which we will go 'bai nian' like we use to be last year.  But too bad the event start on Wednesday which I back to Kuantan on that day too...  really sien diao liao..
Whatever la...  cause I should be happy cause I'm going back to Kuantan tomorrow, which means tonight is the last night that I'm going to sleep at Labuan's bed. >.<

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