Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So no Fate towards Umbrella...

I seldom use umbrella when I am in my hometown, cause going anywhere I will have my own transport to protect me from sunlight and rain, except from the first year studying in form 6.  (That time still got no car ma...)

After I started my University life, I realize that how important is an umbrella, especially when I still not get to the hot sun above me when I walk from my hostel to where I have my class everyday!
I bought myself an umbrella when I was in first year, I mean a big umbrella.  Too bad I got no fate with the first umbrella, it was stolen when I left my umbrella at a place.
*sob sob*

I had to get myself another umbrella since I can't stand to the super hot sun...  I asked one of my friend who went out to town to do me a favor by bringing back another umbrella...
Who knows that the umbrella lost again in the next semester!!!
I lost one umbrella in each semester!
Well, I didn't lost the second umbrella.  I think is someone accidentally took it...  Cause my roommate accidentally took my umbrella to an event, then she borrowed to others... After borrowed, no return...

Then I didn't buy any umbrella until the 3rd semester when I went KK.
Since that time was raining and I didn't have any umbrella, I went to buy a very cheap umbrella which only cost me RM5, but now is broken too!!!

Why is that happen to me!!!
Dear God, you want me to buy how many umbrella to satisfy you???
*sob sob*

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