Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Thursday ♥

There is no class again today! (I'm happy because I'm lazy to wake up so early in the morning)
Woke up 9.30am since there was no morning class plus I slept almost 2am, need to force myself to sleep longer.

Since I got no more food in my room except maggi mee, so I have to go to town to buy something back to fill my stomach when I'm hungry.  Already decided with my roommate that will go out at 11.30am by shuttle bus which we already paid together with our school fees.  So we get ready ourselves and be there to wait for bus before 11.30am, who knows there is a notice shown that 2/3, 3/3 and 4/3 got no bus to town!!!
Seriously I got the sign already when we were on our way, I told my roommate: who knows when we reach there ny realize that today got no bus???
Ops... obviously I guess it accurately again!!!
I need to buy some biscuits back la there is no more biscuit left already!!!
No choice, I have to go town by rent car my own... Luckily Xiao Long was there (a third year senior).  He went together with us since he wanted to go town too...

I wanted to find myself a white color scarf, but too bad that I can't find one that suit what I want in my mind.  So I gave up at the end... See whether I can find next time or not la... (Rent car really can't waste more time, cause we got time limitation for that...)

I bought very few thing and force myself to buy things that I really need nia, so I didn't spend much ^0^
When we were on the way back to campus, my roommate and I was so silent, because got 2 extra people tumpang our car back to campus. (They talked a lot so we just remain silent lo)
They talked something very funny in the car...
I remember the most was the guy part.
They sounded like this:

~> usually gays will go for gym and they got nice muscle...
~> gays = ah gua; but a guy look like a girl doesn't mean that he is gay...
~> guys who know make up = gay...

Although I was so silent during the whole journey back to campus, but I was laughing silently at the back...
Seriously so funny la... especially when they say those who go for gym usually are gay make me thought of Siva and Yu Jin... @@


p/s: I ate a lot just now for my dinner
p/s: the Indian food were so nice and so spicy!
p/s: my face was so red just now!
p/s: first time I got so many 'like' in my profile picture in Facebook!

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