Sunday, March 6, 2011

Go? No Go?

It is about the vampires' night that actually for the third year who is going to graduate.

I knew about this function before Chinese New Year and I managed to bring my own dress back to Labuan, cause I was hoping to attend this annual dinner, but now something have change my mind.  I am now not sure whether I should go or not.

My friend who actually we planned to go together de, but too bad that day her boyfriend might come to Labuan to visit her, so maybe she will bring him to the night as well, takkan I want to be light bulb.  Since I got nobody accompany me that night already I don't think I shouldn't go, rather stay in the room do my own stuff.  I asked someone else to accompany me, but he promised to his friend that he will go with her.

So conclusion, better if I choose not to go...
Hmm, see first la...

p/s: I love to go, but the situation seems like does't allow me to go...

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