Saturday, March 26, 2011


Because of the assignment, we have to go to a company to finish up our assignment.
Because of the assignment, we have to find a company that can easily be communicate.
Because of the assignment's marks, we have to find someone friendly and kind and generous (of course la, so that he/she will give us more marks!!! XD) in the company.
Because of the assignment, I have to purposely rent car go out, luckily Edwin managed to drive so that I don't have to drive with my contact lens... (I put on make up so I need contact lens de)

Interview make up and look~
(Syn Wei said I look very professional!! *happy*)

There are lots of because... Yet we managed to settle our things smoothly and reward ourselves with McD!
Ops, not really McD la, just McD ice-cream.

Oh ya, forget to mention that yesterday was the first day of APK (I mean officially), they sell a lot of foods and drinks!!!  I wanted to eat them all, but I have to bear in mind I'm fat so that I won't eat that much!!!

Gtg, later still got talk to attend.... (my nice nice sleep.... I know I should say bye bye =( )

p/s: I am on my diet way.... Healthy rocks!!! LoL

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