Sunday, September 4, 2011

me Me ME!

Yupe, me Me ME!

I don't know I still very excited now, (not sure excited of what) my friends are all emo+ing that we gonna go back to the stressful island and so so lonely island.  I don't have the sad hearted feeling, just keep asking friends to go out together for the one last time.
(I know it sounds like I'm going some where very far that not coming back, but I will be back la, just I will leave hometown and peninsular for a year... hopefully something change and I can be back at least once la... =p)

I was playing online game and saw mama online, so I asked her whether I can have pizza as dinner or not.  Mama definitely will say yes because this is the last week I'm here in Kuantan.  I guess she will allow me to do anything and eat any food that I want before I go back~
(Sorry, didn't put on any make up... that's why I look so ugly and pale.. @@'')

After dinner, we went to Popular!
I wanted to buy book, but book that I want to buy need approval from mama and she said no!
My first priority choice has been reject, so I went to find other book as there are so many interesting book!
Finally I bought this!
I know it might be a very simple and not interesting at all for some of you, but it is so interesting!
Nope, I don't buy novels... Because I rarely touch them, only my sister loves to read them.

p/s: tomorrow I want to go for registration la... =p

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